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A misspelling of the name 'Jake' (referring to Jake Hurwitz) by Amir Blumenfeld on CHTV. Featured in the video "Hardly Working: Office Fantasy" later renamed "Jake and Amir: Office Fantasy."
Amir: "Jake, question, is is 'Jake' with one 'J?'
Jake: "Yes, one 'J.'
Amir: "That's it?"
Jake: "There's an 'a' and a 'k...'
Amir: "So there's an 'a' and a 'k,' got it, but what order is everything in?"
Jake: "What is wrong with you?"
(camera zooms out to see thew word "Jjkae" and a picture of Jake on Amir's desktop computer)
by NickAngle June 29, 2009
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