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A person that has cum covering their hair, usually from a blowjob gone wrong. Also a person with blonde or white highlights.
Right before cumming, the man pushed the strippers head down and proceeded to give her a Jizzwig.
by Roster Web December 15, 2009
A Chicks hairdoo after a guy ejects semen in it
The idea of which is to slut her out and make her look like a cheap slut or porn star or a slam hog. A girl with a messy hairdoo or a bed head look which reminds a guy of what she would look like after she just had sex first thing in the morning ( but she is out in public looking like that) and possibly includes big 80s style hair like hair metal type hairdoos which would make a guy want to spontaneously bust a nut in her hair from lust.
Usually followed by the sentence: Ewww he cummed in my hair! (which is what guys love to hear)
The guy is known as a jizzwig romeo after blowing his load in her hairdoo or in her eyeball.

Aka the guy blows his load in her hair after she gives him oral/ blowjob and he climaxes. The next best thing to cummimg in her mouth is getting a nut in her hair or in her eyeball.
My chick had a gnarly jizz wig after I blew my load in her hairdoo. ( well she said not in her mouth so i did the next best thing).

I took her to gobblers knob and gave her a jizzwig.

Wow love the bedhead jizzwig on that chick! I coukd spuegh all over that in some nasty sex.

She said:help I can't see I have jizz in my eyeball!

The guy who did it is now a jizzwig romeo
by jizzwig romeo November 30, 2013
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