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Sudden pain in the rotator cup from repetitive motion. A intense shoulder pain rendering the limb usually inoperable. A term commonly used on an automobile assembly line.
Ziggy: What's the hold up Cheech?
Cheech: I think I jizznackered my shoulder pushing this pallet.
Ziggy: You better go to Urgent Care and ge that looked at.
by cheech393 September 27, 2005
1 2
Fatigue and aching in rotator cuff from repetive motion. A pain so intense the shoulder is barely functional. A term used on an an assembly line at auto assembly plant.
Rusty, I gotzta go the the plant hospital my shoulder be jizznackered, Dr. Linn tell me for sure.
by cheech393 September 27, 2005
1 1
To be tired, especially from activities heavy on the arms.
I'm so jizznackered after playing my 'bone all day.
by Unreal_One September 13, 2005
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