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Someone who wants to ejaculate inside a womens vagina. How Snoop Dogg would describe it.

Without the izzles it would sound like this

Can I jizz in your pussy/fanny.

Notice the izzle at the end makes it sound less crude.

Ya Dig?
"Man Just Jizzle in her Fanbizzle you Dizzle?"

"Can I jizzle In your Fanbizzle?"

"Man I was close to Jizzing in her Fanbizzle"

"Could of had kids If I Jizzled in her Fanbizzle."

"Man she makes me want to Jizzle in her Fanbizzle"

"Man she keep shaking that FanBizzle at me I'm gonna Jizzle"

"Jizzle FanBizzle that hoe"
by dickvandyke15 November 14, 2009

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