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1. one who harvests jizz from multiple sources including animals and people in order to bottle it for a profit by selling it to sperm banks
look at that bastard gary he wanked of that horse for three hours, i bet hes got so much jizz hes a jizzilliannare, what a jizz farmer
by luron September 21, 2008
18 7
1. One who causes sperm to come forth through various methods.
2. One who farms jizz
3. One who lives to bring forth semen
That bitch is a straight jizz farmer. She wouldnt stop rubbing my dick until i ran dry.
by shabat July 06, 2008
7 1
one who raises and tends to jizz as if it were a cash crop
I wish my husband wasn't a jizzfarmer because he always expects me to clean him up after a day in the fields.
by Jerandam July 10, 2008
1 1