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A dinosaur that dates back to 10000 BC. The Jizzasaur is a loaded animal. It's made up off 82.7% Jizz. It has been described to look like a giant sack which may be pink or glowing blue. The jizzasaur is a friendly animal if the sack remains pink. If the jizzasaur holds out to long with its lover the sack becomes blue. When this happens the jizzasaur is a very dangerous creature. It may drown you in a sea full of jizz.
Dude look at my jizzamon card. It looks like that dinosaur we learned about in history the jizzasaur.

Reminds me of the blue balls I got yesterday, almost overflowed my toilet with all that jizz.
by Trymeladiez October 18, 2010
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A person who jizzes more than once a day
1. Dude! That guy is a total Jizzasaur.
by epicfff October 05, 2009
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