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Word derived from the combination of the slang word jizz and normal word orgasm. Usually used as a slang word.

1) Noun - (To have a...) The peak climax of sexual intercourse {see orgasm}. Used in the same way as the normal noun 'orgasm'.

2) Verb - (To...) {Slang} To ejaculate on an object, named in the sentence.

3) Verb(2) - (To...) {Slang} To use the force of a particularly violent ejaculation to reach an inaccessible place.
1) Person 1: "Oh, I had a massive jizmgasm last night!"

2) Person 1: "Yeah, I jizmgasmed her last night."

3) Person 1: "We need to change the channel, but we've lost the remote!"
Person 2: "That's okay, I'll jizmgasm the button."
by Chenmeister July 15, 2009
a must-use noun for certain people at least three times every 5 mins, meaning to ejaculate or any other word/noun phrase. often abbreviated to jizm.

chodemeister:i'm on jizm with my jizmgasm while watching jizmgasm and eating jizmgasmed jizm with sprinkled jizm.

by chodeyy August 05, 2009

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