(noun) A terrible joke, often where the teller of the joke will not, or frankly refuses to achknowledge his/her non-existent sense of humor. The teller of a 'jiwoo' usually includes lame references to explosions or crashes, and will continue telling the course of a joke to the point where it isnt funny anymore, often taking lengths to then explain the joke to his/her friends. A frequent teller of 'jiwoo's may also be referred to as a 'Jiwoo' him/herself
Guy 1: So like. imagine this train suddenly crashed into this classroom and it was like 'boooooooom'
Guy 2: dude, that was a jiwoo
Guy 1: And then like, everyone was like 'ahhh...kaboooom'
Guy 2: you are such a jiwoo man
by asad.asad January 21, 2012
Top Definition
A cute, loveable, korean girl who has many friends. Can be annoying at times and fights with friends often but you can count on her to make it up to them with hugs and kisses:))
jiwoo's such a sweet girl:) i <3 her to death!
by hehehe12123 March 24, 2010
must pronounce ji-WOOOOOOOOOO!
oh hey jiwoo, ji-WOOOOOOOO!
by asad.asad. September 27, 2010
verb to break or mess up to kid with to prank
You just Jiwoo'd it
by swimmer21 July 02, 2010
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