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Used to describe someone if they're being very annoying.
'Jacks being such a Jitt'
by JbCb. July 04, 2009
Junk in the trunk! A woman with a bodacious booty that you wanna rock all night!
Baby girl working that J.I.T.T.!
Damn, that girl got some J.I.T.T.!
by DJ Dollar Bill June 22, 2006
synonym for jism, at least here in chicago. spelled with one or two t's.

the first usage i can remember was probably in the late 1980s on a popular chicago area underground bulletin board system BBS called Ripco, and more recently i have seen it in common usage on IRC.

it is usually used in particulary derogatory and demeaning sentences due perhaps to replacing the softer "z" ending with the harder "t", suggesting a more forceful jisming or perhaps the finality of that last drop of jit.

Of course this also suggests usages such as Jitting, jitts, has jitted, full of jitt etc.

Also, if one spits spit and then has a puddle of spittle, would one jitt jitt and then have a puddle of jittle?
I'd leave that bitch with a face full of jitt.

She was so nice, she must have swallowed a two-litre of my jitt last night.
by vincent black shadow October 14, 2004
anything and everything, jitt is an extremely versatile word that can be used at any time to mean whatever you need it to
Me: Aww man i jitt all over her face
Me: and by jitt i mean compliment
You: oh holy jitt i was kinda worried there
Me: .....
You: and by jitt i mean chinese people
Me: wtf dude
by jittmaster February 10, 2009
Acronym for Jerk/Jick in Training Trainer. The one who takes over this position must be the ultimate jerk/jick.
Ashley is the JITT, because she counts herself twice, in the circle.
by punkie078 October 05, 2005
basically someone from the middle east. not derogatory.. just easier than saying hey hes from the middle east.
yoo..i got a crush on this dude.
is he black?
nah..hes a jitt.
by pokess February 20, 2010
J.I.T.T. = Junk In The Trunk
daaaaaamn that girl got some jitt!

damn there's a whole lotta jitt round here..
by j-money August 30, 2004
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