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Jishnu is a sanskrit word which is a synonym for Arjuna, a mythical hero in Mahabharatha . Literal meaning of this name is "Victorious". The one and only Jishnu is also known as stickler.
Bush: Mom, I want to be Jishnu (crying)
Hitler : Mom, I want to be Jishnu(weeping)
Mahatma Gandhi : Mom, I want to be Jishnu(crying loudly)
Obama : Mom, I want to be Jishnu(weeping)

Moms : (sadly) No my boy, you can't be Jishnu. Let us pray to God that you will be Jishnu in your next birth.
#jishnu #arjun #victorious #stickler #arjunan
by sniper the megalomaniac August 25, 2009
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The act of forgetting things, running into things, and watching too much hentai.
Breadboy pulled a Jishnu and forgot his lunch ticket.
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by breadfish shipper #1 May 15, 2016
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