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Jisery is an emotion between jealousy and misery that many girls experience. It is triggered by jealousy for the attention said girl receives from a boy/girl or simply jealousy for how pretty, tall, smart or social said friend is. Most of the time it leaves a girl feeling like shit!
Jealousy + Misery = Jisery.

Verb: either "jiserable" or "jiserous" (jealous + miserable)
Chiara: Ugh! Margaux is so pretty!
Gemma: Are you jealous?
Chiara: No, it's just jisery.
Gemma: Oh!

Emily: Katie acts so weird when I'm with Naomi.
Pandora: Maybe she's jealous!
Effy: No, she's just got a bad case of jisery.
by gemmonkey November 23, 2011

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