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A hybrid race of a combination of Jews and Hippies.Jippies tend to gravitate toward Mrs. Kriewalds Government class.
Nicholas Brady is such a damn jippie!
by Zombielord157 March 25, 2005
15 8
To give some ones vagina Jip.
Man 1: How's thon doll
Man 2: Aye she's grand, a was givin her Jip pie all night.
Man 2: Awww nice wan lad
by Borland March 21, 2013
3 0
A portmanteau of Jewish and Hippie. Not a derogatory term.
During his semester in Israel, Josh really turned into a Jippie and he refuses to take off those Birkenstocks.
by HarrySeaward March 01, 2009
4 1
A jappy hippie.
People who wear clothes from Free People are Jippies.
People who dress like Hippies but are also Jappy are Jippies.
by Sartalia March 25, 2011
6 5
A Russian term, used to describe a guy with long hair
That guy is a jippie.
by Nwizard2 September 09, 2008
1 3