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Adjective used to completely write off an item or person. An all encompassing word for an item or a person that falls in the gray area in between ok and suck. The word to describe a feeling of disappointment that does not carry an emotional investment or endowment, because you never really expected anything other than "jippiness" from the "jippy" item or person in the first place. Quite possibly the most perfect adjective ever created. A possible derivitive of gyp or "getting gypped" a derogative term aimed at the gypsy culture.
"The Atari version of Pac-Man was pretty jippy" or "Sounds like my jippy boss just took credit for my idea...again." or "Sorry, just crashed again, my computer is pretty jippy" or the most widely used: "That girl is pretty jippy."
by iBrad May 11, 2006

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