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verb: to flash one's genitals at another in a wild, uncontrollable fashion.
(two friends talking to eachother on the train)

Mike: "Hey did you see me whip out my cock and shake it at that old lady as we were getting on the train?"

Jordan: "Yup, I'd say you gave her one damn hell of jipper...she pissed herself..."
by JSP714 December 04, 2008
adj. Good; feeling good; being both drunk and high; you are on that next level shit and everyone knows it.
That's hella jipper bro.

I'm feelin' mad jipper tonight.
by ryhle November 01, 2012
One who goes by the name of Peter and likes to jipp around. Upon doing something silly you may use the word jipper to describe a person's actions.
eg. "what a jipper".
by lozza mcsweeney December 05, 2008
One who hides within his hood and is the leader of the Blue Klux Klan
Little Irish Boys in Blue hoods calling italians nazi cyborgs from the future
by Rob April 15, 2005
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