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jin⋅gle   /ˈdʒɪŋgəl/ jing-guhl- dog /dɔg, dɒg/dawg, dog:

A piece of verse or a short song of your fat ass man boobs slapping together, having such a catchy succession of sounds, usually of a light or humorous character with canine qualities, disgusting, smelly and animal like.

MAN TITTYS!!!!!!!!!!
Gross, sweat smelling, man tits.
If you are a child, a fat child, you have JINGLEPUPS.
"The man ran along the shore flapping his jingledogs all the way"

"that kid with down syndrom has some big jinglepups!"

"Mom, why does that man's jingledogs smell like cheese?"

"dude I can smell his jingledogs a mile away!"
by chariquaaaaa April 22, 2009
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