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Famous Latino Actor

Popular slang used to discretely refer to lesbians
Peter: Did you see Jimmy Smits over there?

Bill: Hey yeah, yeah that was pretty cool.
by Mikal Honcho March 30, 2008
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An interjection yelled after someone says the word "switch." Origin: When the movie "Switch" came out, Jimmy Smits had it written into his contract that the advertising for said movie had to list his name directly after the title--not "starring Jimmy Smits" or "with Jimmy Smits" just "Jimmy Smits." The end result was that all the commercials had this line in them:

"...Coming soon to a theater near you, it's 'Switch' jimmysmits."
"Turn off the light switch!"
by Crow T. Robot September 09, 2004
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1. When someone gets way too drunk and/or gets drunk enough that they feel that re-enacting the character played by Jimmy Smits in the "Tommyknockers" by walking drunk out of a 2nd story window is a good idea. This means they are drunk enough to do anything up to or equaling the level of drunken jackassery it takes to walk out of a 2nd story window.

2. A way of explaining that you are getting drunk on the down-low.
1. "Yeah, I pretty much turned into Jimmy Smits last night, called my ex up, and told her to suck a cheeta's dick." or "I was thinking about choking the bitch, but I figured I'd turn into Jimmy Smits instead."

2. "My Dad just got home, but I assure you I'm Jimmy Smits."
by Maltrevenius July 10, 2008
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