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A slang word for urinating or having a piddle. Can be used for men or women but probably more suitable for men.
'Woo guys, stall the ball there a second, i'm bursting for a jimmy riddle'
by Rob & the Lads December 13, 2005
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An Affectionate Term to describe urinating. Often used be Royalty.
Oh my goodness, I do so need a Jimmy Riddle!
by Kate Pasola December 30, 2005
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The growing term used for a cigarette. Can be easily confused with the term for needing to urinate, but depending on body language can also mean demand for a fag.
Dave: "Oi Chris, giz a jimmy riddle"
Chris: "You're such a ponce Dave. Get your own f'ing deck"
by hon_bris September 10, 2009
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