A much overrated gutarist. Most famous for his days in Led Zeppelin when he dabbled in designer darkness as a follower of Alister Crowley, his ability to consume massive quantities of Jack Daniels, and being shackled to the toilet by the band's manager.

He did a lot of session work that no-one cares about except other session musicians and music snobs. Has done numerous side projects including a failed attempt at a film score, forming the short-lived band The Firm with Paul Rodgers of Bad Company fame, and the only decent thing he's ever done - working with David Coverdale (who makes a much better Robert Plant than the original) for the Coverdale/Page album and, sadly, a short-lived tour of Japan.

He made one solo album, Outrider, using a guest vocalist that no-one knows the name of and that no-one could care about. He managed to rope up former Zeppelin member Robert Plant to do guest vocals on one track which is the only reason the album sold at all - the rabid Robert Plant fangirls had to have it.

Supposedly had a bagful of his incomplete/unfinished/unpublished songs stolen and has since refused to do another solo (or indeed any other) project because of that. He occasionally works on remastering some of the Led Zeppelin back catalogue to keep up the spirits of the fanboys who pine over the yearly reunion rumors and to keep money rolling in.

Is still hung up over the loss of his Gibson "Black Beauty" Les Paul custom guitar which was "stolen" (meaning sold off to pay for drugs) in 1970.
"OMG, Jimmy Page is like the God of Guitars, man."

Sorry dude, Eric Clapton had that title long before Pagey did.
by Anonymous December 24, 2004
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A person too divine for definition.
Don't even attempt to define Jimmy Page. That individual is far too divine for definition.
by Phixes March 08, 2005
An individual who, in the beginning, saw the universe in all of its splendor, absorbed the knowledge and wisdom into his infinitely powerful being, and acheived a state of ultimate undestanding. He then proceeded to pick up a guitar and play. With his first notes he created the Earth and sky. With his first dyads he created fire and light. And with a mighty A7 chord, he created Man. These acts were followed by joining the Yardbirds, followed by the greatest classic rock band of all time-Led Zeppelin.
Who's up for joining me in creating the Church of Jimmy Page?
by Ian Davis January 05, 2006
1. the greatest guitarist and coolest guy ever, until he allowed puff daddy to desecrate his greatest song, kashmir, and then hugged him on saturday night live.
2. the ultimate riffmaster of all time
did you hear that jimmy page sold out and let puff daddy pay him to re-do kashmir? That sucks!
by kal May 03, 2004
"1 In the beginning, the LORD Jimmy picked up his ax and played, and fire flew from his finger tips. 2 That fire became the Sun and Stars." - Kreation 1: 1-2, Buch von geführt
LORD Jimmy Page is GOD!!
by Jimmy Page April 10, 2005
Jimmy Page is the best guitarist ever, despite ripping off music from other blues men like Muddy Waters. He could play all good styles of music and was amazing live. And why the hell does the first definition say he played originally for Zeppelin? He was originally a session guitarist, then he went on to play for the Yardbirds, following in the footsteps of Eric Clapton, and his childhood friend, Jeff Beck.
Jimmy Page is one of the most creative guitarists of all time.
by David K. January 16, 2004
ZoSo... the one person that can bring the dead alive with the playing of the gutair. NOONE can match Page and what he did with LED-ZEPPELIN

2. Jimmy page can only defined as GOD
Stairway to heaven, dazed and confused, achillies last stand, kashmir...all by Jimmy page
by CWA August 11, 2005
One who is like God. Anyone who denies physical laws o the universe this often has got to be some sort of diety.
Dazed and Confused, violin bow, Led Zeppelin "DVD"
by Chuck Lee January 31, 2005
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