A drink made by mixing Patron & Nuvo. Tasste bomb as fuck!! You get that special girl you wanna smash a couple of drinks of this and I guarantee shes gonna be wanting the D at the end of the night.'
Your friend: Yo so did u beat guts wit that breezy you've been wanting to pound for a whole year already??

Me: Fuck yeah!! all it took was 2 glasses of some Jimmy Neutron and she was begging for sex like a cheap hooker in south tucson.

Your friend: its about fuckin time..
Top Definition
James Issac Neutron, or Jimmy Neutron is the 10-year-old boy genius star of DNA Production's CGI animaged movie and television series.

Airing on Nickelodeon, Jimmy Neutron follows the adventures of a boy genius, from Retroville, Texas, who, with the companion of his swiss-army-knife-like robotic dog, Goddard, can invent himself out of any situation. Unfortunately, his inventions don't always work, and it's up to him to save Retroville from pandamonium.

Jimmy has two friends: Carl, the llama-loving portly boy who has too many allergies to list, and Sheen, the crazy Mexican boy who's obsessed with Ultra Lord.

Jimmy has a rival: The smartest girl (but not smartest kid, that's Jimmy) in school, Cynthia "Cindy" Vortex. Cindy loves almost nothing more than to make Jimmy's life miserible. But, deep down, she secretly loves him. He, secretly, feels the same way.
Into the stars
Goin' by Candy Bar's
Rides a kid with a knack
For Invention

A superpowerd mind
A mechanical canine
Rescues the day
From sure destruction

This is the theme song
For Jimmy Neutron
by DanMat6288 December 17, 2004
Cool movie that started a okay show that ended as it was getting better. A boy genius who invents stuff that does not always work and gets him and the world into deep shit (e.g. aliens kidnap parents, meteorite, evil pants, evil sales/nano robots) and usually ends up saving the day only to do it all over again. Has two funny but weird friends Carl and Sheen, has a funny yet retarded father, Hugh. Rival is Cindy who secretly loves him but picks on him to hide it.

Despite what many people say, this show/movie was NOT rip off of Dexter's lab. The only thing similar is both shows focus on a boy genius. Parents are different, rivals are different and Jimmy has actual friends!

To those who keep complaining about breathing in space, IT'S A FREAKING CARTOON ABOUT A GENIUS KID WHO INVENTS STUFF! GET OVER YOURSELVES!
Jimmy Neutron : Gotta blast!

Carl: Llamas!
Sheen: Ultralord is a action figure, not a doll!
Cindy: Nice invention Neutron!
Jimmy's Dad: Bring on the pie!
by mangenius0991 October 06, 2010
a jimmy neutron is a male hairstyle that sticks straight up towards the front of the head in a ridiculous fashion.
"Dude i need to shower so I dont get a jimmy neutron"-Erik
by ebg10406 October 09, 2008
a guy that i banged last night
me: uhhh uhhh jimmy neutron
jimmy: 1+1= 0-3Q49509Q54809243Q5809Q859
by katie buda January 02, 2008
Some genius kid who has a shit swirl as a hairdo. Whenever he tries to explain something that is impossible, some gay faggot starts singing, overlapping the conversation. (example: when Jimmy tries to explain how he's breathing in space, the fatfuck Carl starts singing his ass off, covering up what jimmy is saying.) He has a robotic dog that can do anything, from flying like a helicopter to extracting stem cells from it's victims.
It's a plane! It's a bird! It's Superman! Oh, no wait....it's just Jimmy Neutron with that shitswirl hairdo on his head.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
A TV show on Nickelodeon with the main character as jimmy neutron , he also stars in a YouTube series called jimmy neutron happy fun hour 1 and 2 which his dad kills his mom and jimmy neutron orders pizza , the pizza flys through the house and kills his dad .... Jimmy neutron has large slicked back hair and looks amazing.
Oh shit I'm getting a jimmy neutron hair

The pizza is aggressive - jimmy neutron
by Angela rose beveridge July 12, 2015
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