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The Jimbo Slice is a delicious mixed drink consisting of: 1-4 shots of vodka and an equal ratio of cranberry juice and Sprite. For a proper Jimbo Slice to be made, the maker must be shirtless, with a backwards hat (preferably of the Phillies), and white sunglasses.

Conversely, if you ask for a Slice of Jimbo, this means you wish to felash the shirtless man mixing the drink.
Jimbo Slices are my favorite.
by Bogeegabuh June 19, 2009
A heavily tattooed hulk of a man that is capeable of bench pressing your whole extended family through a wall, he stands 7 feet tall, has eyes that make you shit your pants and jizz at the same time if you cross his gaze. He breathes fire and snorts dust, some say he pleased a room full of ten dripping women with just one thumb, He can be commonly found gaurding the gates of hell with a battle axe in hand.(do not mess with this man)

Other names: Slice, BBK, slizzy, slizzles, slizzlesaurus be continued
dude who the fuck was that?

answer: bro thats Jimbo Slice everyone knows slice.
by strikin abo Number 1 May 17, 2014
Jimbo Slice is an amzingly awesome kid named Ian at my school and he has a music myspace thats pretty awesome. He has some cool songs on there and everyone should check him out cause he is nice and and awesome singer.
Haley : Wow! Do you hear this kid!

Jade : Yeah, its Ian from school.

Haley : Really!? He's Jimbo Slice!

Jade : Add him on myspace
by ThatOneKidH April 23, 2010
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