Someone who talks down to or belittles someone else or basically treats that person as if they are of a lower life or class. This is best exemplified (and named after) in the popular show "The Office" when Michael or Dwight do something silly and Jim gets that look on his face like Michael and Dwight are children. The person who acts like he is in someway superior to other people is the "jim."
Wow, that kid's being such a jim.

I just told a joke but my friend didn't like it and was being a jim about it.
by MichaelGaryScottxxx August 19, 2011
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A master...and the best in everything,very handsome too.a young guy who owns
hey you, your the best
whats your name...wait i know its Jim is it
Yeah it is how did you know.
well your the best
by wacko911 August 27, 2008
A slang term used to discreetly refer to a man's erection. The owner of the Jim may or may not realize he's standing at attention - you can either try to save his dignity or point and laugh. The term is often used in the company of women or others that are not privy to its true meaning.
Jimbo, my brother, I tried to save you! ...When you left that room, you had the most obvious Jim I've ever seen. You almost smacked poor Kate in the face with it!
by Capn Morgan December 28, 2008
A nickname for James.

Other examples of such nicknames include: Jimmy, Jimmie, Jimbo, Jamie, and many others.
Psst...I think Jim has a crush on Ann.
by HB <3 SA April 24, 2006
the definition of amazing, sexy-ness and perfection. The love of my life. He will be forever always.
you.. are... such a JIM
by e<3j March 09, 2010
The Greatest Character in The Office
Roy: Harpor!
*Jim turns around*
*Roy tries to take a swing at Jim*
by Spelleranon April 07, 2007
A generic nickname used to give to a person of the male gender. Used commonly in hipster circles, mostly back in the '60s and '70s. See Marlon Wayans' character's usage of it in Requiem for a Dream for a good example.
"You hooked us up? Solid, Jim."
by jimmyjinkins October 31, 2006
1. A guy who can always make you smile
2. Big and Hairy
that guys a real jim always make me laugh

or did you see chest hes a right jim
by beefy.x October 05, 2009

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