A jillian is usually a brunette or blonde, typically with short hair. Jillian is very artistic in the art of dance and extremely creative in the visual arts. Jillian will almost always be either on the rink for a winter sport or her nose will be deep in a good book. A jillian will typically have blue eyes and a lovely smile. Jillians are sometimes shorter than average. Jillians are hilarious and the life of the party. If you know a jillian, you're pretty lucky
Are you going to the dance? Only if Jillian is going!
by Your dear friend October 14, 2014
1.the sexiest person in the world.
2.justin will never stop luving this grl.
3.the soon-to-be mother of Justin's kids.
Hey look, this guy luvs her like a jillian.
by Jillian's Lover April 12, 2008
That awesome girl you really loves science. She's tall and smart. She is an outside.
Yo, Mr. White maybe Jillian can help us on this batch!
by Wearealldying! March 28, 2015
Jillian is a girl who radiates fame. Everyone knows her but not everyone loves her. She is snarky and can be full of herself sometimes, but if you get past that she's a shining light. She knows how fabulous she is even if she uses that against people sometimes.
"Man, that Jillian can sure be conceited! She's awesome though!"
by Jacobbesten October 14, 2015
A cock sucking bitch ass fucker who loves Dick and can not keep her legs closed and snorts lines of pig jizz and then shits it out and ears it also is very rude (:
You pulled a Jillian , oh no Iam going to kill myself!
by JILLIAN OR HOE May 19, 2015
A bitch and a slut who thinks shes an angel but everyone really hates her. She gets a new guy every week because she has really low self worth. she is a really desperate whore
Eww jillian.
by beisjdjsks February 19, 2015
A number consisting of at least 30 digits left of the decimal point.
Dwight: You know what my favorite number is?
Jillian: What is it?
Dwight: a jillian
Jillian: Oops, I seem to have dropped my pants and bra.
Dwight: *grins
by satanhelpsme May 06, 2009

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