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"Jiffy pup" references when, during or directly before "doggie style" intercourse, the male cums prematurely. Usually, it is in association with inexperienced sexual partners who cannot control or manage their excitement. "Jiffy pup" may be used as a verb to describe the act, or as a noun to describe the unsatisfying sexual partner.
(Note: the names used below to not refer to actual individuals.)


Sandra: "So, have you ever done it... GIGGLE... Doggie-stlye?!!"

Maggie: "Not really. I wanted to, but he jiffy pupped before we actually got going."

Sandra: "Ooo.. That's too bad."


Nick: "So, dude, Sandra tells me that you're a total jiffy pup."

Jeffery: "What? No way! I'm not a jiffy pup! No way dude! I can totally go all night long..."

Nick: "Psssh. Whatever dude."
by December 11, 2011
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