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\ji-K-ie\ , n. , v. , adj.; -

1. Jici can be used as a Noun (common and proper), Verb, or Adjective depending on the circumstances. However, Jici is never to be used as an Article or Pronoun.

Jici should only be used in situations involving these emotions:



It is the worlds most universal word, recently surpassing the word 'fuck' which was formerly the most universal, widely recognized and widely used word.

The origin of the word 'Jici' is for the most part unknown. Historians have however concluded that it most likely originated in the Midwest United States sometime in the late 1970's. Because of this belief, many Mid-westerners celebrate Jici Day during the summer.
Example 1

Person 1: Hey man whats jici?
Person 2: Just at work, jici'ing
Person 1: Thats cool when you jici?
Person 2: Not until Jici'oclock

Example 2

Person 1: Jici me once, shame on you, jici me twice shame on me. You still want to hang out later?
Person 2: I'm down for any jici that gets tossed my way...
Person 1: It's a nice warm jici so maybe we should do something in the great outdoors?
Person 2: Consider me jici'ed
Person 1: We still jici'ing lunch tomorrow tho at noon?
Person 2: yessir,...Just wrote it down in my jici.
Person 1: Good, now all I have to do is talk my brother into letting me use his jici tomorrow while he's in school.

Example 3:

Why did the Jici cross the road? "To get to the other jici."

Example 4:

Person 1: I am one jici short of good plans tonight.
Person 2: Took the jici right out of my mouth.
Person 1: Yeah I guess all that shines ain't always gonna be jici.
Person 2: Jici-hole.
Person 1: You got yourself in one hell of a jici.
Perosn2 : Well at least I have my jici.
Person 1: I got one jici in my pocket and the other jici's giving a peace sign.
Person 2: All I wanna do is have some jici, before the sun comes up over santa monica blvd.
Person 1: Shake your jici, watch yourself. Shake your jici, show me what your working with.
Person 3 (with a smirk on his face): Why dont you both shut the jici up and get a jici?
by thebigjic May 25, 2010
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