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Epitome of stealth, speed, agility, cunning, and survivability. Jibraels are the guerrilla war-machines. They are masters of any and all weapons they can get their hands on. Masters of the art of stealth, they will relentlessly stalk their prey until it makes a fatal mistake and leaves an opening large enough for the Jibrael to take advantage of. They are predators akin to wolves and leopards; Utterly feral and brutally pragmatic in combat despite being given a human form. If ever there was game-breaking assassin that everyone, it would be the Jibrael.
Civil War.

You are on the side that Jibraels are known to oppose.

A large-scale firefight has erupted in the National Wildlife Reserve.

You were assigned to lead a squadron and sent there as reinforcements.

It's a long ride. The armored car parks near friendly territory, a few meters from base camp.

You and your squadron move toward base camp. Your communications device rings. You are instructed to leave the Second-in-Command in charge of leading the squadron to base camp, and to branch of and to investigate a suspected hidden Jibrael camp.

You order them to keep moving and go investigate the coordinates you were given.

It was a false lead. Nothing there but trees, trees, trees, and the occasional tree stump.

You hurry back to the base camp.

Once you get there, you stare in shock.

The entire camp filled with blood and corpses of your allies. Supplies raided. Weapons raided. Communication constructs destroyed.

"Jibrael" you say in your mind as the fear dawns on you

Overtaken by fear, you run back the way you came...only this time, you fall into a man-sized pit full of spikes and poisonous snakes.
by Johnny Valdez January 21, 2012
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