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noun, plural -letts.

A paper money, or coin, and monetary unit of the European Union, equal to 100 Jibs. Symbol: (€)
Person 1: I heard you went to Oktoberfest back in September.

Person 2: You heard correct good sir. Why do you ask?

Person 1: No reason in particular. Just passing the time.

Person 2: Cool.

Person 1: By the way, how much were the beers there?

Person 2: Including tip...10 Jibletts

Person 1: Cool.
by A-Train123 October 23, 2011
Penises and vaginas of a turkey
Synonyms- Cock, cooter, snatch, weasel, wilt
I cook it with all the jibletts, the penies and gineys.
by jibletts king November 18, 2007
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