Jibble is any gelatenous or viscous substance that is deceptively contained or presented in such a way so as to give the appearance of rigidity. 'Jibblies!' may be exclaimed when one is surprised by the existence of jibble.
I tried to grasp the apparently fresh cantaloupe, but alas, it was rotten, and my fingers made a sucking noise as I extracted them from the rancid jibble.

The moist ground looked solid enough, but Artax was overcome by sadness and slowly sank into the jibble.

The man's apparently ripped pectoral muscles were, in fact, full of jibble. Only the women unfortunate enough to attempt to touch them knew that they were actually Moobs.
by ViralCulture June 02, 2010
Top Definition

A term for a marijuana and tobacco cigarette, originates from East London, UK.
Yo dude, fancy a jibble?

Oh fo sho
by fatsac101 June 29, 2009
AKA 'Fuckin Jibbles'. A very real but seemingly ficticious character that constantly puts his foot in it with obscure quotes and requests, especially when under the influence of alcohol. 'Jibbles' will go under the radar for long periods but when you least expect it and when it is usually unexpected will come out with a quip or act that labels him as 'The Worst'.
Jibbles: 'I like your necklace...but not in a paedaphilic way'.
Crowd of people: 'Not again Jibbles'.

Jibbles: 'If I took a girl home with me, I would tell her to get rid of all her shit and piss, and then have sex with her'.
Friend: You've done it again Jibbles'.
by Barry BB June 14, 2011
a bag that everybody jizzes in , then drinks from
passed me that jibbles
by jibbleas October 19, 2007
- Un-accomplished if one has to get help from others

- Doesn't mind going to people for help

- Just like to be able to do it himself or herself

- Does not feel he/she is better without other people because he/she thinks othres are incompetant

- Likes doing own honest work, even if it's super crappy
Rose is jibbles.
by rosehuyn February 26, 2012
To over talk. To explain something to the max. Ecstasy talks could always be considered a "JIb" Usually meaningless babble, as I am doing now.
Oh man. That nigga is talking mad jibs!
I have girls jibs
So you know when some one over explained something for no reason just to hear yourself talk or just believe people care? Jibbles.
by FupaKilla March 05, 2011
A mixture of jizz and dribble
She tried to swallow it all but there was jibble all down her chin.
by Jim Chimney January 13, 2010
A word of many words. This one word can mean many things.
Susan jibbled her way downstairs. Paul was feeling jibbly. "You can't put that jibble in there!" shouted Mark.
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