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Cross between a Jew and a Loser.
Yaniv: Dude, is Jason going to the bah mitzvah tonight?

Yahudi: No dude, he's such a jewser.
by Kharagalfromsocal May 24, 2009
Noun: A Jewish loser. Used when loser is not strong enough, or when real offence is saught.

Often represented by raising the left hand to the forehead, extending the forefinger vertically whilst tucking the other fingers down, and bending the thumb slightly upwards to produce a "J"
"Wow, you're such a Jewser"
by Michael A A February 07, 2008
A Jewish Loser

The Orgin:
Started out with a sweet catholic girl wearing a shirt that said Good Little Catholic Girl at a club and one of her Jewish friends laughed at her shirt saying she wasnt a good catholic, so her being drunk said Jew and loser slurred and it came out as JEWSER.
Dik is such a Jewser.
by Ya Know! May 13, 2006
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