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3 definitions by Kharagalfromsocal

Cross between a Jew and a Loser.
Yaniv: Dude, is Jason going to the bah mitzvah tonight?

Yahudi: No dude, he's such a jewser.
by Kharagalfromsocal May 24, 2009
32 7
Arabic for "Shit in your mouth"
Usually said when a mid-eastern is frustrated.
Joe: Ya Allah, I'm not liking this food your making Maya!
Maya: Khara be timuk! yella lets eat
by kharagalfromsocal May 25, 2009
30 8
An easier way to say "just playing" or just joking
Cindy: Johnny! Are you really taking my mom to formal?
Johnny: No Cindy, girl you know I was jplayin.
by kharagalfromsocal May 25, 2009
22 8