The genetic coding of an ashkenazi or sefardic organism, often producing a displeasing phenotype of thick, curly hair, large eyebrows, a prominent nose, and a predilection for mild neuroses and observational humor
"You can try to hide the byproducts of your jewnetics with straight-ironed hair, a yarmulke, or even a Burberry scarf, but your true roots will find a way to shine through!"
by Sarah Barker July 12, 2006
Top Definition
Jewish genetics; genes of a jewish person or jewish people which give rise to featues commonly associated with jewish people such as hooked noses, frizzy/curly or frizzy/wavy hair, dark eyes or hair, etc.
When I walk into a spanish supermarket, I am really an oddity. I'm not only white, I've got Jewnetics.
by the coolest motherfucker I am February 10, 2011
The traits that Jewish parents pass on to their children. Common Jewnetics include the large nose, stinginess, and the Jew Fro.
Guy 1: "Yo, what happened to David Meshulam's nose."
Guy 2: "It's Jewnetic, dude."
by Jako Kot September 10, 2008
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