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Something that is humongous that pertains to a Jewish person.
A batmitzvah is a very Jewmongous time in a girl's life
by JuanAFanta May 05, 2009
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Main Entry: jew·moung·ous
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek jewantikos, from jewgant-, jewgas giant, jewish
: exceeding the usual or expected (as in size, force, or prominence) <a man of jewmoungous stature> <made a last jewmongous effort> <jewmongous industrial combines> <jewmongous chode>
That house is jewmongous!
by dub56 February 04, 2004
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An adjective used when describing a huge Jewish Person
I was at the Synagogue and could not see the Rabbi due to a Jewmongous dude in front of me.
by BocaBitch November 18, 2012
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