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A Jewish Nazi, is a person who contradicts themselves.
Cheynane: Hey I think I like yellow.
Shaquita:You Jewish Nazi, three minutes ago you said that " Yellow is so ugly".
by Brandon G May 20, 2006
The most annoying, hypocrytical dumbass you know. You know, that one guy.
(Extremely Feminine Voice) "I can't stand when like you never stop complaining, and like... you're just so annoying. You never like shut up." (Chomps gum as loudly and obnoxiously as possible) "You like never shut the fuck up about other people. Okay? Theres like no reason to hate on like everybody like, okay? Like, spread the peace. Now go and like, suck your own dick because i like, hate you, your family, and like all your friends. You're all like so hyp-hypo-hypocitrical. Like you're such a pervert too. Now bye, you like fucking idiot. I'm like gonna go find my sex toys." Eric: "Yeah Jake, did you hear that dumbfuck dishing out trash? I had the phone on speaker" Jake: "Yuhp, that's a Class A Jewish Nazi"
by Dannydidit February 20, 2011
Any person who hates other members of his/her own race and/or religion
"Is Joseph a Jehovah's Witness?"
"Yeah, but he's a hardcore jewishnazi.He hates those dirty bastards!"
by tgyalreyr dhiuctkcehyens August 31, 2007
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