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Hebrew National Franks.
Man #1: man this is a good Jewdog!

Man #2: what are Jewdogs?

Man#1:Hebrew National Franks!
by Exeter Teabaggins February 09, 2008
Kosher Hotdog
I got some of them Jew-Dogs on the grill, all jew need to do is grab me a beer.
by luvestospooge December 19, 2009
Any Jew or person acting in a Jew manor. Often used to insult a group of Jews and expose their Jewry.
Fuck You, And Your Jew Dogs
by Sgt.Rachtman May 28, 2010
Kosher hot dogs, (i.e., Hebrew National, Koshers Best, etc.) All Beef hot dogs which are superior to Corn-King, Oscar-Mayer, etc.
My wife asked if I needed anything from the store, and I replied "Yeah, pick up some hot dogs and buns, but make sure they're JewDogs!"
by JohnnytheJew May 18, 2009
Forgetting the name of the Hebrew National hotdog brand and having a complete epiphany and explaining to another what a jew dog is (a hebrew national hotdog)

Also referred to as the jew dog on a jewish person with whiskey dick syndrome
"Hey Kate, what is the name of those poser hot dogs that they call jew dog?"
by Katharsis September 12, 2009
Another name for Hebrew National hotdogs... Hot dogs that are kosher and might possibly be the best tasting hot dogs money can buy.
Yo, pass me another jewdog, they're the best!
by July 09, 2009
a hot dog that is cooked over a campfire until it is burnt beyond recognition.
Yo, P-dickle....cook me up a jew-dog to go.
by p dickle October 12, 2005
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