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One who has a parent of Cuban heritage and another parent of Jewish decent. A fairly popular combination in South Florida.
Most of my friends at Miami Senior High School are Jewbans.
by Denise Fernandez April 06, 2005
Someone that is from jewish and cuban descent.
Boy 1: That kid over there looks jewish
Boy 2: No, he looks cuban
Boy 3: Yeah, he's a jewban
by SoftBoner December 28, 2008
A person born in Cuban whose religion is jewish.
Esmerengildo is a very rich jewban.
by JorgeFL May 23, 2008
A Jewish-Cuban person, weird, huh? Most Cubans are the complete opposite, strictly Catholic.
Look at that Jewban, puffing on a cigar and studying the Torah. what an asshole.
by Crowe Russell May 13, 2014
A Jew mixed with a Cuban. It is a very rare breed. They often have internal conflict because the Jew is cheap and wants money, but the Cuban wants to redistribute wealth. Jewbans come from the island Jewba, which is an island made of quarters and is just off the coast of Guantanamo bay.
Kyle Castro, don't steal my quarter you Jewban, your island is full of them.
by xyz467 April 23, 2010
A person of Hebrew faith found in South Florida

Also could be used to describe something rare
"Dude, I can't believe I saw a jew in Miami!"
"Yeah, its a Jewban"
by AJewban??? January 15, 2010
The offspring if a Jewish person and a Cuban
-Kyle is a Jewban, but he isn't as bad as Eakum.
-I don't know, he is a communist and hordes change.

-Well that's an oxymoron.
by Parishilton101 December 15, 2009
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