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When your boo is a Jew. Your boo can be a close friend, lover, confidant, or someone of equal importance. A one night stand/ho would NEVER be classified as a JewBoo.

However, there is also a really fun Jewish girl from Indiana known as THE JewBoo.
My JewBoo and I were chillin last year, eating motza, drinking Manichevitz, and discussing the Macabees.

JewBoo came and picked me up in the Grand Am last night and we listed to the Three 6 and went to Tbell.
#jewish people #boos #friends #jews #fun #tender #mild #precious
by Hanukkah December 16, 2008
When your boo (a friend, a lover, a companion, etc..) is of the Jewish nature. But only if her mother is Jewish otherwise she's not a real JewBoo! This person tends to be extremely comical and enjoyable to be around. Usually likes to say really inappropriate things at really inappropriate times.
Last night, JewBoo and I rolled around in the Grand Am. We had a good time.

#jew #boo #tender #mild #comical #whitetrash #loveable
by rebadiculous November 24, 2008
A name to call your boyfriend if he's a Jew or has the name Juan.
I want a Jewboo.
#jewboo #jew #love #peace #boo
by DeAnnapwns January 09, 2009
An extremely attractive girl of Jewish heritage/religion.
Rick: I say! that girl is very visually appealing. I think I'll initiate a conversation with her.

Doug: Oh Rick, you ignoramus! You can't do anything of the sort!

Rick: Well, why the dickens not?

Doug: That female right there is a Jew Boo. She's already romantically involved with Seamus Goldstein!
#jew #boo #hot #attractive #jewbew
by aluvv June 13, 2011
jewish girl with big boobs and a nice ass
damn that jew boo is sexy
#jew #boo #girl #cool #boob
by chupecabre January 14, 2010
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