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That light blue metallic color that old Cadillacs came in. Mostly seen with "sim con" tops on them.
I have a 1984 Jew Blue Caddy Seville with a white fake convertible top. Its ready to be shipped down to Florida.
by doosh laroosh May 03, 2010
JetBlue Airlines. Arrived at via the abundance of Jewish travelers on Thursday nights and Friday days due to their inability to fly on Friday nights and Saturday days and of course the low fares, which any good Jew cannot ignore.
"Im flying down to Palm Beach this weekend."

"Who's your carrier?"

"JewBlue, what else!?"
by NYCJew April 17, 2008
Any shade of the color blue that a Jew just happens to be wearing.
"Hey, Absalom. You look fabulous in your new jew-blue yamaka.
You should wear it to my Kwanzaa party, my mother would adore it."
by 73HJ05H! January 12, 2008
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