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The hair that every guy wants.
The koolest "fro" ever.
Simply a white/caucasian (jew) that has curly hair that may have a bit too much volume to be only "curly hair," so it's called a jew fro. Why jew fro? because many jews have them!
Hey man, i was looking at your baby pictures, and noticed how much your jew fro progressed overtime."

Yo yo yo jew dawg. I'm diggin that jew fro you got fo shizzle to the fricki fricki izzle!
by jewgirl18 March 26, 2009
14 16
An orgasm-inducing hairstyle worn by people of jewish descent. It consists of curly hair and is often large.
Famous wearers of the jewfro: Matt Stone (creator of "South Park")
Matt Stone's jewfro not only made me want to give him my virginity,but to also hump my chair.
by Amanda and Thais October 29, 2004
1485 469
A fro residing on the head of a Jew
A jewish fellow who undoubtably has, a fro.
by Tito Johnson October 10, 2003
595 95
a large circular dome of curly hair possesed by a jew. the jewish form of afro.
you could tell he wasnt goim by his jewfro. oy vey.
by number25 April 06, 2003
698 204
A curly mop of hair with lots of volume, sported by many a Jewish brother.
Matt Stone doesn't look as cool now he's cropped the jewfro.
by Pete Rakowski January 03, 2005
516 148
The Jewish man's afro
Man NOLAN has quite the jewfro
by Mia March 09, 2005
359 149
a jewish man (or woman) that has very curly hair, resembeling an afro. widely known from being mentioned on the popular tv show "The OC".
Summer: My hair is frizzing out. I look like Howard Stern!
Seth: See, strangely, I feel like my Jew fro benefits from this climate.
by JHP<3 October 08, 2005
270 68
A large, round and often boulbus hairstyle found most often within the jewish comunity.
It's not a fricken afro, I am not black, it's a "Jewfro" for christs sake.
by Sam Freund February 28, 2004
279 89