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Another word for the famous yamaka that shows that a Jew is a Jew
I didn't know he was Jewish until I saw that Jew Rag on his head
by StaStaStaSteve March 15, 2009
A Du-rag that Jewish people wear in place of a yarmulke(yamaca 4 u dumbasses)
Man I was big pimpin going to temple with my Jewragon.
wut up gangsta
by MannyTeddy November 20, 2003
Like a du-rag but with a yarmulke on top ( Yamica for you ignorent shitfaces)
Me and Teddy T. were big pimpin in our Jewrags.

What up gangsta homeyfry skillet dawg man g
by MannyTeddy November 20, 2003
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