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The juice of the jews. Drinking it gives anyone the ability to be a jew for 24 hours
Jordyn gave me some jew juice. I now can finish my taxes.
by Esquimalt.420 October 21, 2010
43 8
A drink to go along with a jew bagel. This generally is orange juice, however, on some occasions, it can be substituted with grape juice or apple juice.
I need some jew juice to wash down my jew bagel, stat!
by True Jew November 26, 2007
27 58
Dr. Brown's Creme Soda (Regular or Diet)
When Spoont returns to Durham, a city that lacks any significant jewish population, he is forced to import cases of diet jew juice from Boca (the jewish capital of the western hemisphere).
by CRoth May 17, 2006
28 67
(V) A jewish person urinating on his or her sex partner and then they lick it off, then transfer from mouth to mouth.
Sabrina loves Jew Juice
by peter dowsett August 13, 2007
25 83