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Noun (denotes both singular and plural): Any coin, preferably shiny, of a small denomination that most ordinary people would not bother killing or dying for.
Charles couldn't understand how Mordecai downed in a shallow fountain until he discovered that it was littered with Jew Bait.
by Cycloperis June 16, 2009
192 55
v: To engage in the duplicitous and unethical practice of seducing a person of Jewish descent, only to abruptly demand an apology for the murder of Jesus. This startling demand often occurs after a moment of shared intimacy.
You can only imagine my dismay to discover, on the very day that I purchased an engagement ring, that she had been jewbaiting me this whole time.

Following Mel Gibson’s highly-publicized tirade of anti-Semitic remarks, some west-coast hipsters have begun employing the slang term “to Gibson” in lieu of the more commonly accepted “to jewbait.”
by EddyGibson September 15, 2006
56 30
v. The act of secretly sticking money to someone's back in an attempt to getting that person tackled by Jews.
That dude was pissing me off so I taped a dollar bill to his back and Jewbaited him!
by merro June 17, 2010
30 12
If you want to attract jews, you're gonna need plenty of jewbait.
by alfric mordem March 12, 2008
26 9
Change, loose coins: what jewish people live off of
Guy 1: Damn dude, i hate loose change!
Guy 2: Naw man, thats good jewbait you have there, save that for some jews.
Guy 1: oh, thanks man!
by $Arob$ March 23, 2011
4 5
Any red haired person or any person pertaining to Jewish things.
Carrot top and your synagogues rabbi are jew baits.
by Nelso Gonzalez May 13, 2008
13 77
Any red haired person or anyone Pertaining to Jewish activities. Also, those who eat culture. So it is a jew an those who look like one.
Your rabbi and Carrot Top are jew baits.
by Nelso Gonzalez May 13, 2008
12 78