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The most beautiful girl in the world a guys perfect girl loves cars and loves driving fast Jettè is the kind of girl that is so perfect that you kno instantly that she's the girl your never going to get over she both sweet and sexy and gives the best massage on the planet
Guy 1: So me and jettè were doin 115 in my car yesterday.
Guy 2: Dude your so lucky!
Guy 1: Yeah I kno man she's amazing.
by upuhrs May 14, 2011
To give a reach around and finger a girls anus while fonicating.
I brought this freak back to my room last night and totaly Jetted her.
by Jettesvictim February 09, 2010
being brought in from the depths of the ocean and sat on
She was jette'd once she reached the shore.
by Sandee Jette February 03, 2010
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