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When someone has an uncontrollable case of diarrhea and sprays like someone who drank a bottle of laxatives.
Harry from Dumb and Dumber had some pretty bad Jet Ass.
by dumbdorelele October 03, 2012
When you keep shitting diarrhea all day and an't control it or clean it up.
Harry got a bad case of jet ass in Dumb and Dumber.
by moviegeek September 08, 2012
An uncontrollable case of diarrhea that just cannot be held in.
George got a bad case of jet ass after drinking too much prune juice.
by itsmeagainforjetasssame September 10, 2012
When you keep crapping liquid all day; really bad diarreah. Like Harry from Dumb and dumber.
Yo, my ass is raw cause i had jet ass all day!
by Matt April 09, 2004