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When the Most important Thing in a person's life, over Family, Friends and ones own life is Jesus, That Person is considered a Jesusjunkie
"Jesus is the most Important Thing in My Life"

"You're a Jesusjunkie, Take your Godgoggles Off, you Christard"
by Atheist(topix) January 20, 2010
An old school God-fearing person on crack. A person who gets so hopped up on church sermons that they reject anything that doesn't pay tribute to God in some way.

This person may pretend to know everything about something because they go to church.

Telltale signs: Pre-set Gospel radio, going to church more than twice a week, judging something/someone based purely on outward appearance.
"Oh my God, did you see the new Star Trek?"

"No, my friggin' mom said it's too evil."


"Yeah, it's a good indication she's a real Jesus Junkie."
by rhastings88 June 12, 2009
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