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Jesus Feet are basically just messed up feet.

You could say someone has Jesus Feet if their feet are very wrinkled, cut up, bleeding, dirty, crusty, nasty, etc.

They are called Jesus Feet because Jesus had to walk everywhere and so his feet were extremely messed up.
Anyone with nasty, messed up feet can be said to have Jesus Feet.
by Tyler3777 April 10, 2006
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To have feet in such bad shape to resemble being nailed to a cross. Usually followed by bloody trails pertruding from open sores in the foot area.
Ken are you ok man? You got a nasty case of Jesus feet there. No dont jump in my pool ok.
by Mike Bruce October 03, 2005
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When one's feet are super dirty from walking without shoes or socks. Much like Jesus' feet would have been.
"Dude. You have such Jesus feet right now. Clean yourself up, and put on shoes!"
by Steve Primanti August 25, 2014
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