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A phrase used in Shooter type games that involve Grenades.

Usually a randomly thrown Grenade that seems to come out of nowhere and kill you.
Upon watching the "Killcam" you discover the Grenade bounced off 4 different walls before finally detonating directly where you are.

Sometimes followed by a "Rage Quit".
BLaacKeN: Watch this nade spot FTW. I bet i get a double.

*throws nade*
*nade kills trevasco on the other side of the map*

trevasco: Wow where the fuck did that shit come from?!

*watches killcam*

trevasco: Yeah i WOULD get hit with a Jesus Nade.
Thanks alot Infinity Ward. Way to fuck up.

"trevasco left the game"
by BLaacKeN March 09, 2010
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