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A humorous exclamation, punfully used to avoid damnation and the like. Auto mechanics tend to use it in situations of frustration. See Geez Louise.
"This Laser has been taken on a joy ride. It's fucked forever.
Jesus Chrysler!
by Nick Estes February 13, 2006
36 6
The batmobile was for batman. The Jesus Chrysler! was for Jesus.
Jesus drove the Jesus Chrysler! to town..
by Boot2thehead816 July 18, 2006
37 17
A substitute for when people feel like saying Jesus Christ but don't want to. So they say Jesus Chrysler instead.
"Jesus Chrysler,That guy is being a real ass"
by SolidSnake1162 May 21, 2008
13 4
a Chrysler PT Cruiser with Jesus Christ inside it.
check out that Jesus Chrysler car.
by jesuschrysler. October 08, 2010
1 1