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A humorous exclamation, punfully used to avoid damnation and the like. Auto mechanics tend to use it in situations of frustration. See Geez Louise.
"This Laser has been taken on a joy ride. It's fucked forever.
Jesus Chrysler!
by Nick Estes February 13, 2006
The batmobile was for batman. The Jesus Chrysler! was for Jesus.
Jesus drove the Jesus Chrysler! to town..
by Boot2thehead816 July 18, 2006
A substitute for when people feel like saying Jesus Christ but don't want to. So they say Jesus Chrysler instead.
"Jesus Chrysler,That guy is being a real ass"
by SolidSnake1162 May 21, 2008
a Chrysler PT Cruiser with Jesus Christ inside it.
check out that Jesus Chrysler car.
by jesuschrysler. October 08, 2010
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