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The actress who portrays Bree (Lonelygirl15) in the popular YouTube and MySpace documentaries.
omg, jessica rose, ur like so FAKE!1!
by JohnnyR.Casher September 24, 2006
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A totally gorgeous midget kid who is loved by all. Has tons of friends. Will always be short to me.. ;)
josh: dude did you see that girl?
joey: yeah dude, she's a jessica rose
by joshkidddd April 11, 2010
The Biatch of the world...everyone thinks she is stuck up and a slut...wears shorts that show her black girl butt :) lol but overall i love this girl and all her craziness...she is amazing and funny ,even when she tries to act like a hardass ,she is still and always will be truley amazing and one of my <3 my favorite chickas
Rayley:is that man a pedifile?!?
kalon:why do u say that?
Rayley:she is wearing a bikini while mowing the grass with that elderly gentleman
kalon:nah shes just trying to get a tan
Rayley:oh what a jessicarose!!
by rayleyalane:) October 16, 2010

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