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A person of great daring and courage. Brave and trustworthy, defender of the weak, unusually wise and cunning. Generally attractive, adventurous and athletic.

Willing to fight at the drop of a hat and not afraid to try anything, as long as it does not involve acts of hosexuallity, beastiallity or sodomy, and does not impare thought.
A Jessen just kicked your dad's ass for being a wife beating, speed snorting, lazy, crossdressing, cock smoking, cum gargling, child molesting, turncoat, peice of shit!
by The Original Chipper November 23, 2010
A whale of a girl. very annoying. also responds to whale calls like in finding nemo. also will lunge across the room for food.
example of a jessen; watching finding nemo and eating popcorn, the whale will hear the calls from Dory and burst through your wall like the kool-aid man and eat all yo stuff.
by pussy monster chopper May 08, 2013
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