The VA of Roxas. Very fruity. On the same wavelength as Hannah Montana.
Roxas: Because you live!!!!
Namine: Shut up or I'll strangle you!!!
Roxas: You just hate it when I sing because I sing like Jesse McCartney!!!
by DoodooMan October 13, 2007
A little blonde bastard who now, has my nine year old sister fingering herself at his cd cover.
Me: Jesse McCartney's on T.V. Hayley
Hayley: I'll be upstairs in my room

(Mind you she is nine fucking years old)
by Sara March 27, 2005
number 1 he is so hooooooooooot number 2 he can sing really good number 3 he can act really good too i can't belive he can do all those things!!
o my god he is soooooooooooooo awesome!!! i love him how can he do all those things
by gwen March 19, 2005
the hottest and cutest and sexiest and greatest guy ever!!! and he's really talented!
...>drool<...did you know his initials spell JAM omg!!! I LOVE JAM
by Caroline_I LOVE JAM May 09, 2005
Basically, GOD. A totally cute, sweet and fun to hang out with guy who really is normal. And for all of those ou there who do not agree, it's probs because they are deaf, blind and stupid.
Did you see that guy? He was soo cute!
Yeah, that was Jesse McCartney
by jessemccartneygirl January 11, 2010
The hottest guy ever
The bests singer and actor in this world
I love Jesse McCartney
Jesse McCartney is so hot
by Jenny 411 October 13, 2006
simple: HOTTIE!!!!! he can sing and act..he has the whole package!!
Person: What's so great about Jesse McCartney?

by jesse's a HOTTIE!!! December 23, 2004
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